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The Story Behind Elena Claire

We're excited to be selling our special Elena Claire's to you and there's a very special reason that motivates us to reach as many people as we can...
We support a school in a remote region of central India where the school lacks electricity, water, furniture and text books for the children 

Nonetheless the students are exceptionally happy just to be receiving an education which is a heart warming sight. As Olly grew up in India and often visited the area he wanted to give something back. So when Elena Claire was created it was the perfect opportunity to donate some of the profits to help the school.

We have begun donating text books and sponsoring some of the children to attend school for a year. The school might be basic but it's a chance for the children to gain an education and nothing could be more important.
It's a very exciting prospect to be able to help people gain an education and it couldn't be done without your help so we thank everyone for purchasing from us and supporting our cause.

Thank you 🙏

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